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To have your name listed as the contact for a reunion group, or to place an announcement for an upcoming reunion, send email to:

  • Kurt Hyde is interested to know if there is anyone interested in having a social get-together for DEC alumni in the Dallas-Fort Worth or Oklahoma City area. If interested contact Kurt at

  • A group of exdec Finland members took a trip to the south of France last September 22-25.

    Click here for trip details with pictures

  • i worked at digital from 1982- 1990 with the LCG group out of penn plaza manhattan. any information on get togethers or reunions would be greatly appreciated.


    Rafael gordian
    732 330 1050

  • Alexis Markis is looking for contact information on any of this list of former DEC Finance employees. If you know of the whereabouts of any of these individuals, email Alexis at the following email: Alexis is trying to put a mini reunjon together.

    Here are the names

    Donna Burke
    Faith Zellner
    Gail McDermott
    Gail Sullivan
    Jane Stanwick
    Janet Frick
    Joyce Fukami
    Liz Robertson
    Marianne O'Leary
    Mary Hall
    Maureen Lynch
    Pam Gerguson
    Sue Foley
    Terry Foster
    Janice Frampton
    Val Jordan
    Phyllis Lengle
    Barbara Adison
    Janice Cane
    Judith Cronin

    All of these women worked in Digital Finance and a few of us are trying to put a mini reunion together.

  • Looking for all Seattle-area "ex-DECies"...

    Whether you were at DECwest or in the sales/services field offices, we are trying to find you so that we can let you know about a planned reunion for this coming summer. If interested, please send email to Art Mann,

  • I worked for 10 years in tarrytown/queens NY and wondering if any reunion is possibly in the works. I do miss working at Digital.

    Dennis DePasquale
    LAN Network Technician
    Monticello Central Schools
    845 794-9430

  • Inquiries have been made as to whether there will be a summer reunion for the boston, waltham, burlington sales organization if anyone is planning to sponsor such an event, let the digital alumni know and we will post it here for all to see. Email it to

Recent Reunions

Peter Koch,
Kathy Appellof,
Kurt White,
Colorado Springs Area Alumni
Maureen Cicione
Central States
Jim Tracy,, Phone (314)487-6008
Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, Las Vegas and El Paso)
Bob Stannard,
Phone (602)843-0563, Fax (602)843-2762
The NYC/NJ Alumni
Tad Woolley,
Washington, DC Area
Alan Croll,
LAC & Southern Florida
Suzanne Parent,
DEC-Boston Plant
Rick Fritz,
Digital Semiconductor Alumni, HLO (Hudson) LSI
Will Sherwood,
dennis Paradis,
The Swedish Alumni
Paul Ahlgren,
Contact address:
The Finnish Alumni
Esa Laitinen,,
The Hong Kong/China Digital Alumni
Cho Wong,
The Italian Alumni
Alessandro Peruzzetto,
Colorado Alumni, Phone (303) 850-0073
DEC Cluster Club (Switzerland)
Edgar Eberhard, President
Telecom Industry Group
Cy Gados,
Singapore DEC Alumni
European Headquarters DEClub
DEC Netherlands


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