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AZ DEC alumni lunch, April 2015

Thanks to all the former AZ DEC'ies who joined us on April 11th for the "spring bash." Always an interesting group it was great to see first timers; Scott Bates, Dave Richards, Rebecca Larranaga, Bob McAfoos, Rick Blumberg, Mike Raczkowski and Frances Vierkoetter.

Dave Richards is recovering for some major back surgery, glad he could make it, we wish him well and a speed recovery. Al Gordon got a "pass" with some stomach issues but will be attending our fall lunch. Chuck Guido and Steve Katz "livened up the room!" Robert Schorsch managed to find yet another great DEC nostalgia T-shirt.

We don't publish our DEC AZ e-mail list .... requests for specific e-mail addresses can go to Past lunches are posted on under reunions. Enjoy your summer and mark those calendars for our next AZ DEC Alumni lunch event November 7th.

Galen Davis
Maria Urshan
Bob Stannard

Attending were:
Scott Bates, Rich Blumberg, Dave Clark, Bonnie Colvin, Ed Cocca, Della (Hare) Collins, Craig Culleton, Galen Davis, Don Ewing, Jim Freiman, Pete Groves, Mary Groves, Chuck Guido, Charlene Harrison, Tom Harrison, Arlan Leeds, Linda Speers (Hawks), Diane Inostroza, Frank Inostroza, Debbie Joy, Steve Katz, Penni Kapelke, Sinaia Kuhn, Linda Kreiling, Rebecca Larranaga, Traci Loges, Bob McAfoos, Patty McKeon, Betsy Nunez, Mike Peck, Mike Raczkowski, Bill Rebinskas, Blue Richards, Dave Richards, Jim Riley, Lee Rippstein,Terry Rippstein, Holly Robert, Robert Schorsch, Janet Shaufer, Bob Stannard, Mike Tully, Maria Urshan, Frances Vierkoetter, Donna Wolfe, Ron Wolfe

10 Photos:

"Happiness is" .... remember this T-Shirt from Module Mfg?

Chuck Guido, Maria Urshan, Steve Katz

David Richards, Diane Inostroza

Frank Inostroza, Patty McKeon, Mike Raczkowski,Rick Blumberg, Robert Schorsch

Pete Groves, Dave Clark,Charlene Harrison, Tom Harrison

Craig Culleton, Tracy Loges

Maria Urshan, Sinaia Kuhn, Linda Speers (Hawks) Bonnie Colvin

Barb Richards, Mary Groves

Lee Rippstein, Ed Cocca, Don Ewing"

Arlan Leeds, Jim Freiman, Debbie Joy and Bob Stannard

Dave Richards, Galen Davis

Mary Groves, Jim Riley

Jan Shaufer, Frank Inostroza

Mike Tully, Scott Bates, Bob MaAfoos

Lee Rippstein, Charlene Harrison

Mike Tully, Don Ewing , Frances Vierkoetter

Bob McAfoos, Bill Rebinskas, Mike Peck, Scott Bates

Patty McKeon, Diane Inostroza, Galen Davis, Blue Richards, Dave Richards

Donna Wolfe, Penni Kapelke, Bonnie Colvin

Galen Davis, Ron Wolfe

David Omlor ( Phoenix SM from the 80's before moving to Irvine, sent this photo from lunch yesterday with California (SWR) South West Regional Mgrs: Bob Carmichael, Ralph Schmoller, John Casaccia, Ralph Mendoza, John Donahue, David Omlor, Alan Oleson, Paul Alwine; Bill Neville

John Ables( sent along a photo from the Union Hills Facility SWAC, Circa 1984. Attached are two "SUN DEC's" ... Thanks John for sending them along. Good memories, although the photo is a little blurry we can still recognize many "SWAC'ers!"

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