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Last Saturday was another successful reunion lunch for the DEC Arizona Alumni group. Thanks to all who made it!

Among our new alum visitors last week were Hannah Layne (who traveled from Boise, ID) Sarah Anderson, Hal and Linda Nystrom, Barbara Boehm (Kirschbaum), Bob and Becky Derendal, Nick Battaglia, James McMiller and Blas Moya.

Registered attendees were: Jenny Acuna, Sarah Anderson, William Andress, Lee Ard, Nick Battaglia, Frank Blake, Barbara Boehn, Joyce Boucher, Maxine Camp, Deanna Cooper, Renee Coffee, Dorothea Crooks, Norman Croisetiere, Lisa Cole-Katz, Randy Danenberg, Galen Davis, Debby Dean, Bob Derendal, Becky Derendal, Mike Delair, Grace Gibbs, Kevin Gibson, Pete Groves, Mary Groves, Rick Hansen, Linda Hawks, Maybelle Harrington, Sue Henneman, Diane Inostroza, Debbie Joy, Phil Kaplan, Penni Kapelke, Millie Keegan, Roger Keegan, Vicki Krantz, George Krzystofczyk, Sinaia Kuhn, Hannah Layne, Michael Lee, Kaylyn Levers,Traci Loges, Norma Martinez, Michelle Mason, Patty Matsen, Cora McMiller, James McMiller, Don Mullek, Eric Neely,Blas Moya, Michael Peck, Don Pigati, Josie Saggsta, Bob Stannard, Linda Van Ness, Susie Vidal, Hal Nystrom, Linda Nystrom, Bob Rangel, Jim Riley, Janet Shoufer, Huey Thomas, Dianne Webb, Ron Wolfe.

Maria Urshan was at a family wedding last Sat. We'll see her in November.

Blue Richards tells us Dave Richards is home now recovering from surgery. We wish him well.

There is a 2007 pictorial "The Death of DEC" ... if you haven;t seen this click here:

Next AZ Alumni lunch is the first Saturday in November. (11/6/10) Same place and time. Pls mark your calendars. "Be there or be square!"

Past photos of our AZ reunions are posted on under reunions.

The Big Apple Restaurant has requested we change from meal orders to a buffet due to the 70+ people and trouble tracking people around the room. Will get a quote an let you know.

Pictures below ... disclaimer: Your name may not be correct or match the face you're familiar with ... that's due to my poor memory of missing name tags.

Frank "easy rider" Blake wheels up on his Honda

The "Professor" Hal Nystrom and Galen Davis catching up on the good old days..

Food was a little slow, restaurant is recommending we "set up a buffet" for our next meeting in November.

Nick Battaglia, George Stout and Traci Loges

Lee Ard and friends .... never miss our reunions.

Janet Shoufer, Michael Lee and Patty McKeen

Diane Inostroza, Bob Stannard, Penni Kapelki, Ron Wolf, Renee Coffee and Debbie Joy ...all smiles!

Jim Riley, Millie Keegan and Huey Thomas

Michelle Mason, Bob Derendal, Cora McMiller and Becky Derendal.

Norman Croisetiere, Nick Battaglia, Bob, Blas Moya

Pete Groves, Rick Hansen, Grace Gibbs, Linda Hawks

Dorothea Crooks, Patty McKeen and Deana Cooper and daughter

Pete Groves, Diane Inostraza, Kevin Gibson

Hal Nystrom, Bill Andress, Robert Keegan

Bonny and Clyde

Bob Stannard and Linda Nystrom

Bonnie Colvin and Phil Kaplan

Eric Neely, James McMiller

Pete Groves, George Kryvstofcyvh

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