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Thanks to all who attended the Fall Arizona DEC Reunion .....the DEC "desert family" remains a group of friends who gather semi-annually to say hello and swap updates and greetings. Our special guests this fall were old friends Del and Pam McLaws who dropped in from Washington State. Pete Stith is always a welcome snowbird from Prescott. Penni Kapelke has special place in our hearts and we welcomed her trip down from the Rim. Cora McMiller brightened our day, as usual. Dave Clark dropped-in from Colorado. Among the attendees on 11-7-09 were: Bill Andress, Lee Ard, Frank Blake, Delene Burton, David Clark, Maryann Clark, Ed Cocca,Deanna Cooper, Bonnie Colvin, Dorthea Crooks, Galen Davis, Rick Damaske, Randy and Pamela Danenberg,Mike Delair, Judy Delair, Diane Endres, Jim Freiman, Grace Gibbs, Charlene Harrison, Tom Harrison, Art Huhtala, Debbie Joy, Phil Kaplan, Penni Kapelke, Roger Kegan, Mildred Keegan, Sinaia Kuhn, Michael Lee, Betty Maas, Michelle Mason, Delroy McClaws, Pam McClaws, Jim Murray, Lieu Murray, Carolyn Norder, Mike Peck, Mitch Porter, Nina Nghiem, Don Pignti, Barbara Richards, Eddie Rodriguez, Jim Riley, Robert Schorsch, Janet Shoufer, Linda Speer (Hawks), Bob Stannard, Pete Stith, Lihn Tang, Maria Urshan, Charles Wilder,Donna Wolfe, Ron Wolfe

UPDATES: Dan Daniel (, in Houston, TX, retired from HP last month. Congrats! We heard Harry Johnston is doing well in Florida following his recent medical treatment. Ray and Mahnaz Wilson ( sent a note, from parts unknown, and said hello. Our condolences to Bob Stannard and family on the recent loss of his Dad.

THANKS: to Maria Urshan for organizing these events, Robert Schorsch and Jim Murray for their camera work ... and yes ...we did capture the elusive Michael Peck, for the pictures below: Thanks to Pete Koch, for posting our reunions on

Arizona DEC Alumni pictures from November 2009

Del and Pam McLaws

Mary and Pete Groves

Jim Riley, Art Huhtala, Maryann and David Clark

Galen Davis, Frank Blake

Delene Burton, Bob Stannard, Debbie Joy

Galen, Debbie Burton, Jim Freiman, Bob Stannard, Debbie Joy

Ron Wolfe, Carolyn Norder, Diane Endres, Sinaia Kuhn, Maria Urshan, Barbara Richards

Pete Stith, Rick Damaske, Pamela and Randy Danenberg

Ed Cocca, Pete Stith

Julie Delair, Grace Gibbs, Michelle Mason

Bill Andres, Paul Kaplin, Mike Delair, Robert Schorsch

Linh Tang, Nina Nghiem, Michael Lee

Rick Damaske, Pam and Randy Danenberg

Donna Wolfe, Barbara Richards, Penni Kapelke, Ron Wolfe

Dave Clark, Maryann Clark, Lu Murray, Jim Murray

Janet Shafer, Mitch Porter

Robert Schorsch, Diane Inostroza

Diane Endress, Tom Harrison, Mike Peck, Charlene Harrison

Mildred Keegan, Cora (Stapp) McMiller, Lieu Murray, Jim Murray

Mike Peck, Don Pignti

Carolyn Norder, Michelle Mason, Michael Peck, Charlene Harrison

Robert Schorsch, Mildred Keegan, Jim Murray

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