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Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is a place for members to post notices about events, and general items of interest to alumni. To have a posting added to the Bulletin Board please send your information to:

  • I worked for DEC in the 1980s as an engineer and network specialist in the UK. I retired in March and was sorting out some junk from my garage and come across 4 sealed lapel pins with the digital blue logo, are these of interest to anyone?

    Brian Wardman

  • To: DEC Alumni members

    We have been asked by The Digital CONNECTION to pass along their invitation for you to join their organization since we have terminated The Digital Alumni, Inc. They publish an online piece monthly to help DEC alumni stay connected.

    Their fee is $10 a year or 3 years for $25.

    You can get their information via their website:

    Bests regards
    Peter Koch

  • Hi. I am tying to contact a good friend from DEC Boston. I only remember his first name as Bob.

    I worked with DEC Australia and we both met up with other DEC team members for a Customer relations exercise visit to Taiwan, the Philippines and Singapore. This was 1998 or so. He was made redundant soon after. I continued to work for DEC when it was taken over by Compaq, but I am retired now and live in England.

    We both worked in Quality Assurance.

    I have very fond memories of a lovely guy that I had a great deal of respect for.

    If I was able to be put in touch with him somehow I would be extremely grateful.

    Very best regards, David Goatcher.


    We are looking for stories – any stories - about DEC Alumni who are or have been involved in education at any capacity. We would like to hear about the work being done, whether in the classroom, in the boardroom, in finance, in enrollment – any area of education. Are there trends you see or changes you would like to see. Media have been highlighting areas where we need to improve if we are to maintain our competitive edge globally. Is this your experience?

    In the next issue of the newsletter, which will come out in early spring, we would like to do a lead story on how DEC alumni have impacted education in the US and how DEC alumni see education today.

    The values we learned and practiced at DEC definitely carry over to other lines of work, especially in education. We would like to hear about your experiences in this regard.

    We would like to hear about your experiences, your joys and successes as well as any hard learnings that came out of your experience in education.

    If there are any of the DEC engineers who went into education at the end of their DEC careers through the DEC sponsored Engineers into Education program, let’s hear from you. What were/are your experiences. This was a ground breaking program at the time. Is this something other companies should consider?

    If anyone has any questions, let us know.

    We hope to get a number of stories that we can relate.


    Many DEC Alumni have pursued careers as small business owners. Wouldn't it be wonderful to bring together a group of small business owners who share the values and experience of the DEC culture for collegial support? This is the idea behind the DEC Alumni Small Business Owners Support Network that is now being formed by DEC Alumni Linda Marks and Sharon Woodruff.

    The group will meet at a Monthly Networking Lunch where we will have an opportunity to introduce ourselves to one another and share our ideas for success. The networking lunch will take place at a central location in the 495/MetroWest area.

    For more information, or if you would like to join, contact or (617)965-7846. We will send you a new member survey to learn about your business, your needs and your interests.


    All former Digital employees who would like to access information about their pension funds can obtain this information online at the following URL:

    All formaer Digital employee retirement accounts were transferred by HP to Fidelity Investments. Use the URL and follow the instructions for setting up individual access.

    For additional information or to have questions answered you can call Fidelity Investments at 800-457-4015

  • Wanted - Retired Engineers in Eastern MA

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