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What can the Digital Alumni do for you?

The Digital Alumni Directory

As a member, you will have access to the Digital Alumni membership Directory containing the name, address, phone numbers and place of employment for each member. Through the Directory, you will be able to keep track of and network with many of the people you worked with at DEC. You may find opportunities for career placement or advancement you did not know existed by connecting or re-connecting with your former colleagues.


The Digital Alumni Newsletter is a quarterly publication that contains articles of interest about DEC people. Many alumni submit feature stories or just tidbits of information on their current activities, both personal and work-related. The Newsletter is also a venue where alums can advertise their businesses; an easy, effective and economical way to market services and products. Because subscribers are former colleagues, they will have a higher level of interest in those products and services. Anyone wanting more information about advertising should call the Digital Alumni office (603 580-5385).


This website provides a wealth of information to all interested parties whether members or not. However, the Directory is available by password to members only. Messages about reunions or other functions are posted on the Bulletin Board. There is a section for Job Postings where business people looking to hire former DEC employees can post their jobs. In addition, many of our members have provided links to their websites and members can look for "lost" colleagues through Whatever Happened to?


As part of our ongoing efforts to find services that we believe would be of interest to Digital Alumni members, we have identified four different offerings that are being made available to our members at this time.

Job Opportunity

  • Develop and implement the IT EOL security sales program. Build and manage the world wide sales effort focused on multiple IT customers including datacenters, IT resellers, integrators/ consultants, engineers, end users, and OEMS. Qualifications include 8+ years sales experience in IT related field. BS/BA. Experience selling to decision makers/ C level executives. Travel up to 40%. Competitive pay package

    If interested, e-mail John Alexanderson at


Share the Past, Share the Future

As former Digital employees, we all share in the incredible legacy that the company built during it's 41 years in business.

Since the Digital Alumni, Inc. organization was established, we have found that the majority of our members have continued to be successful, whether they have remained in high tech, or pursued new careers down entirely different paths. Members repeatedly say that the experience of having worked for one of the most dynamic, challenging and entrepreneurial companies i`n this past century has contributed tremendously to their ongoing success.

There is, indeed, life after DEC. Members of the Digital Alumni enjoy sharing their memories. They also enjoy looking ahead, finding opportunities and blazing new and promising trails. Many have found the network among former Digital employees is just as valuable today as it was when Digital was at its best.

Join the Digital Alumni. Stay connected and share the memories of the past as well as the adventures of the future!

Peter Koch


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